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Urea's secrets

Corozite's specialization is buttons's production in galalith, artificial bone and wood and a specific material called “urea”, a powder made up ofground horn and synthetic polymers.



Corozite can make use of its own team of qualified researchers who work daily with creativity and passion to improve and widen its own catalogue...



Most of the production's goal is to enrich the the clothes of the best man's griffes and thanks to the collaboration with Bap , it is easy to forsee a developement of the activity towards woman's fashion.



Corozite ows also OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 class II since 1997, for products in constant contact with human skin, witnessing that our buttons are absolutely ecological thanks to the material used, all from nature and elaborated in our factory.

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Three companies with a unique target

Meeting the customer's requests with the highest quality.
Being aware of such numbers:

  • 220 employees
  • 18.000 sq covered
  • 100 % dedication to our own customers


Corozite has recently presented a collection's idea totally new that is based on two quite distinct elements. The classic collection part is now shown on dark, stiff, sheets, inspired on purpose to man's wearing with di tailored-shaped facture.